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One client returned a circular outdoor thermometer because it never told the right time. Another customer sent back an electric pencil sharpener because it didn’t work on ballpoint pens. They got their money back, no questions asked. Walmart’s problem, of course, is that its vast, $485 billion empire increasingly resembles a fusty museum. There are many businesses they could be compared to — Kodak, Blockbuster, or any major newspaper conglomerate — but their plight reminds me most of the bookseller Barnes & Noble. Thirty years ago, everyone hated B&N for putting hundreds of local bookstores out of business, with their ugly big-box book warehouses. Then online retailer Amazon appeared on the scene and put almost every local bookstore out of business. Get Arguable with Jeff Jacoby in your inbox: Our conservative columnist offers a weekly take on everything from politics to pet peeves. Thank you for signing up!

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It had been raised to critical after the Manchester attack, then lowered again days later. "One of the things we can do is show that we aren't going to be cowed is by voting on Thursday and making sure that we understand the importance of our democracy, our civil liberties and our human rights," Khan said. Roy Smith, a police officer who was at the scene during the unfolding emergency, expressed his shock on Twitter. "Started shift taking photos with children playing on the South Bank. Ended it giving CPR to innocent victims attacked at London Bridge," he wrote, adding a broken heart emoji. Witnesses described a white van careering into pedestrians on the bridge. "It looked like he was aiming for groups of people," Mark Roberts, 53, a management consultant, told Reuters. He saw at least six people on the ground after the van veered on and off the pavement. "It was horrendous," he said. A taxi driver told the BBC that three men got out of the van with long knives and "went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people." Witnesses described people running into a bar to seek shelter. "People started running and screaming, and the van crashes into the railing behind.

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